Fire Sprinklers Can Save Your Life

Fire sprinklers have been placed in most business buildings as a precaution in the event of a fire. The popularity and effectiveness of the fire sprinklers have grown through the years. However, it’s highly recommended to the public to not only have smoke alarms, but to have a fire sprinkler system in your residence.

Why you may ask, “If I already have a fire alarm do I need a fire sprinkler System?” In 2005 the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) recorded 396,000 residential fires in the United States. There were 3,055 civilian fire fatalities, 13,825 civilian fire physical injuries, and 6.9 billion in property loss and damage. Smoke alarms are only useful if someone hears it. If no one can hear the fire alarm, your property may be engulfed in flames in just a matter of minutes. A fire sprinkler system would suppress the fire quickly with minimal fire damage and with minimal or no physical injuries.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s United States Fire Administration conducted studies show that thousands of lives could have been saved had residential fire sprinklers been installed into the burn homes. They also could have prevented most of the fire related injuries.

The largest number of fires in the US is in homes. The National Fire Protection Association (NPFA) reports that home fires account for 80% of all fire related deaths every year. A fire sprinkler system is easy to maintain, only needing an occasional (about once a year) look to make sure that there is nothing obstructing the sensor or the sprinkler.

Still not convinced fire sprinklers are for you? A fire sprinkler system adds to your home’s market value by 69%, and will often lower insurance rates as well. Only good things can come from installing fire sprinklers into your home. Whether its to protect you while you sleep, protect your property from fire damage, or to lower insurance. There’s something for everyone.

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